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Online yard sale
Disney collector pins!

-Jack skeleton from nightmare before xmas holding a bone for his dog zero
-2 different jack sparrow pirates of the caribean ones
-tigger jumping
-si and am from lady and the tramp
-a diferen't pin from all the different parts of disney world [animal kingdom, epcot, mgm, magic kingdom]
-oddball from 102 dalmations
-chibi pluto
-a rockin roller coaster pin [a peice is broken but you can't tell]
-a mikey mouse head with an american flag in it

Lanyard is black with pirate skulls on it [from disney world]

Will take pictures upon request.


Hand paws:

Black size small very soft 5 fingered

Please make an offer on anything you like, I will also be willing to trade for fursuit parts and MAYBE art.


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Hi! Can I possibly be a art slave for those handpaws? I will be a art slave for... 10 traditional drawings

Unfortunately the paws have already been sold x.x

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